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Your roof is one of the most important parts of your property, providing protection from the elements for you and your family or business.

Kenray Roofing is a family owned and operated business with more than 60 years roofing experience – we provide a full range of professional roofing services to people wanting top quality, economical roofing solutions, and all our services come with a 5 year workmanship guarantee.

We work with the highest quality products to give our clients the best roofs at the best value.

Our roofing contractors can help you with new roofs, inspections, coatings, repairs.


If you need a roof replacement, a good roof is a vital and costly investment – so it’s important you have confidence in your roofing contractor.

With over 60 years roofing experience and a reputation for superb workmanship and awesome customer service Kenray Roofing can promise you that security.

If you invest in Kenray Roofing services you will always be rewarded with exceptional quality and design. As well as being assured of a durable and good looking roof that will significantly add to the value of your property.

Our long history means we bring with us an extensive knowledge of New Zealand roofing structures, materials and products to your job.


A new roof is a costly investment so you want to be sure you have the right information and advice before you go ahead with the job.

An expert inspection can save you thousands and mean the difference between paying for a brand new roof when you could have been well serviced with a quality roof re-coating.

Comprehensive Roof Reporting Service

Kenray Roofing provides a comprehensive roof reporting service to give you the information you need to make an informed decision about your property.

Our roofing experts undertake thorough roof inspections providing full written reports with colour photos. The reports describe in detail the work that may need to be done as well as outlining the various options available.


We have a Property Maintenance system you can be entered into, in which we provide you with 3 yearly Moss Treatment reminders (as well as annual spouting clean reminders).

Leaving the Moss, Lichen and Algae present has the potential to cause serious issues with your roof in the future, as it penetrates the roofs surface. It can cause concrete tiles to become very porous, and even cause pitting from wearing the surface of the tiles away. On steel roofs it can seriously damage the coating and leave bare spots when removed if left untreated.


Think you need a new roof?… Think again!

Give your roof new life & new colour at a fraction of the cost of a roof replacement.

Restoring your roof using will add years of life and new colour to your roof.

The quality coating systems used by Kenray Roofing come with a 10-15 year product warranty depending on which coating system you choose and Kenray Roofing’s roof repair, restoration & installation work carry a 5 year workmanship warranty.

We can help you with:

Decramastic Roof Resurfacing
We can restore your old Decramastic Roof with our unique rechipping system. However, please click here to read our safety alert, and here is the AHI Asbestos Notice and the Ministry of Health Notice.

First we clean and moss treat your roof; fix flashings, treat rust and remove any dents or split tiles. We then apply a high build base coat with rubber chips to fully resurface your tiles.

We then apply two more protective coats to lock in the chips and provide a long lasting finish – in the colour of your choice.

Iron Roof Painting
Iron roofs sometimes need that special attention only a qualified applicator can provide. We can give your roof new life & new colour with some of the following steps that can sometimes be overlooked before painting:

  • Replacement of old lead head nails with new screws.
  • And replacement of flashings and treating out of control rust spots,

After these issues are taken care of we wash and sterilize your roof, apply our galvanised or etching primers then finish with two protective coats in the colour of your choice.

Concrete Tiles
Add years to your roof with our four coat system for concrete tiles.

Once cleaned and moss killed, broken tiles and pointings are repaired or replaced we apply our sealer coat. High build base coat and two top coats, of your choice of colour, are then applied – adding both protection from the elements, new life & new colour.

Add in our three yearly Moss Control options for one of the best warranty options in the country.


Over the years the effects of weather cause your roof to deteriorate and even small defects can mean serious problems. A well maintained roof can prevent costly damage and repairs to your property.

In our 60 plus years experience we have fixed and repaired most roofing problems.

Our roofing contractors can help you repair:

  • Concrete Tile Roofs – re-pointing, mortaring and we stock a large selection of replacement tiles
  • Iron Roofs – removal of lead head nails, removal of dents, rust kill (treatments)
  • Decramastic Roofs
  • Box Gutters
  • PVC Spouting
  • And much more

The Roofing Association of New Zealand is actively engaged in the business of ensuring a more professional, health & safety conscious, quality trained, skilled and qualified industry. We represent the roofing industry in all aspects of legislation and compliance involving government, regulatory and local government authorities. Read More >>

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