Professional property maintenance

can save you thousands!

Professional roof and spouting can save you thousands!

Let us take the headache out of some of those tiresome maintenance jobs and you can say good bye to risky jobs up high ladders!

Our experienced team can treat your roof for moss, lichen and algae, as well as clean out your gutters and spouting. Most people are inexperienced in the correct way to walk on roofs and this often results in damage which could have been prevented by hiring a professional, such as Kenray Roofing Ltd. We have a Property Maintenance system you can be entered into, in which we provide you with annual Spouting Clean reminders, and 3 yearly Moss Treatment reminders. Leaving the Moss, Lichen and Algae present has the potential to cause serious issues with your roof in the future, as it penetrates the roofs surface. It can cause concrete tiles to become very porous, and even cause pitting from wearing the surface of the tiles away. On steel roofs it can seriously damage the coating and leave bare spots when removed if left untreated. Leaving your spouting to collect silt, leaves and growth can cause ponding, sagging, collapse and even mosquito larvae!

We can also provide an annual gutter check to ensure efficient repair and guttering clean-out. Plus we have a 2 yearly Moss Treatment program.

When cleaning houses we use a formulated ‘Soft Wash’ to gently remove dirt and grime. Your house will look its best.

Our experienced team offers a fast and effective wash down service throughout the Wellington region including the Hutt Valley and the Wairarapa.

The Roofing Association of New Zealand is actively engaged in the business of ensuring a more professional, health & safety conscious, quality trained, skilled and qualified industry. We represent the roofing industry in all aspects of legislation and compliance involving government, regulatory and local government authorities. Read More >>

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Please note, our service is limited to the Hutt Valley and North to Carterton only.