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As well as fixing leaking roofs Kenray Roofing has over 60 years experience replacing and repairing guttering and spouting. In that time we have worked with many products and our promise to you is that we only work with the best products on the market.

That’s why we use Marley spouting systems.

Using top quality products, combined with our experience, guarantees you the best quality and value for money.

Marley Spouting Systems

We use Marley spouting systems because they are designed and manufactured for New Zealand’s harsh conditions.

UV resistant to deal with our long summer days, flexible and non corrosive to handle salty coastal air – these products are perfect for the regions we service.

They also produce a range of spouting and down pipes to suit different rainfall levels and house styles.

GutterFoam Installation

Installing GutterFoam to your gutters has been proven to have a vast range of benefits, from better protecting your family, to ensuring you wont have to get up high and clean those dangerous gutters yourself.

GutterFoam ensures leaves and debis either slide straight off the surface of the foam, or dry up and quickly blow away, it is also Water Tank friendly (tested and approved). It has proved successful in reducing mosquito population – or at least stopping them from breeding in home gutters. Mosquitoes thrive and breed in stagnant pools of water that have accumulated in gutters and other places. Why not send them to other places away from your home and loved ones? GutterFoam also comes with a 7 Year warranty from the supplier, and works out very cost effective in the long run.

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